Slide your finger left to move forward in time, slide your finger right to move back in time. Touch Icon 1 to add a new event or task. After choosing an icon, drag and drop the icon to the corresponding time. Or, if the task can be done at any time in the day, leave the icon where it is. Double tap the icon to enter or change details regarding the event. Touch and hold an icon to see a quick view window with information about the event. Tap the calendar button Icon 2 to access a calendar view. Tap Icon 3 to view a chronological list of your day's events. If you schedule more events than Diacarta can display on the Home Screen, tap Icon 4 to see a list of all the day's events. When you have completed an event touch Icon 5 then the icon for the completed event to change it to Icon 6 . Touch the star button again, then the starred icon to change it back. Reschedule an event by simply touching and dragging the icon to a new spot or by double tapping to go to the Details Screen.
Scroll to choose an icon, or choose the blank icon if none suit the task. When the blank icon is chosen, information entered in the “Name” field on the Details Screen will appear within the icon. The most frequently used icons automatically move to the top of the library. Tap Icon 1 to see the name of each icon.  When Diacarta® syncs with  another calendar, the icon name will appear between tildes.  For example, if you chose the Icon 2 in Diacarta®, then ~party~ will appear in the Notes field of iPhone Native Calendar. If you want an icon to appear in Diacarta® for an event you schedule while using another calendar, type the name of the icon between tildes in the “Notes” field. For example, if you type ~party~ in the Notes field of iPhone Native Calendar, the icon Icon 3 will appear in Diacarta®.
Use the scroll wheels to change the time or duration of an event. Touch Icon 1 to make an event repeat on a recurring basis. The details regarding an event can be viewed and changed by double tapping on the icon. Touch Icon 2 to choose when to receive an alert notification of an event. Tap on Icon 3 to change the selected icon for the event.
Tap Icon 1 on the Home Screen to go to the Settings Page. Choose which of your calendars Diacarta® should sync with. The icons you use most often will automatically move to the top of the icon library. You can restore the icons to their original configuration in the Settings Page. Other Settings, such as European date format, or military time display, can be changed using your iPhone’s Settings.

If you do not want Diacarta to sync with the native calendar you use regularly, follow these two simple steps: (1) create a new calendar in the iPhone native calendar named "Diacarta", (2) Set Diacarta to sync with the calendar "Diacarta".
Return to the main screen for the current twelve hour period by touching Icon 1 on any other screen.
We hope Diacarta® is an indispensible tool for navigating your life. Please send suggestions or questions to We will make every effort to promptly provide a personalized response to your message.